Wood Sage and Sea Salt Bath Bomb

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Enjoy the amazing Wood Sage and Sea Salt bath bombs in your next bath, This bath bomb gives out a beautiful gold shimmer to make your next bath extra special.

Our bath bombs now include the amazing Kaolin Clay that is bound to make your skin feel great! Kaolin Clay doesn't particularly draw moisture from your skin meaning that these bath bombs can be suitable for dry and sensitive skin.

Please note that colours may be slightly different as I make small batches at a time and sometimes the colour may not come out exactly the same

We have updated our recipe and now our bath bombs are 1000x better than before

Bicarbonate Soda (55.19%), Citric Acid (37.12%), Cream of tartar (2.22%), SLSA (1.44%), Kaolin Clay (1.03%), Fragrance Oil (0.99%), Isopropyl Alcohol (0.99%), Almond Oil (0.37%), Polysorbate 80 (0.33%), Shea Butter (0.21%), Synthetic Mica (0.12%)

Please note that no refunds will be offered for bath bombs that are broken in transit, I understand that is is frustrating but please understand that this is also upsetting for me and is out of my control